In prague for some Caviar Paris action.

Here’s a behind the scenes snippet from the Grand Marnier shoot, featuring the almighty Tommie Wong.

(Jan 2015)

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New spot for M6 Mobile. Made with Ogilvy Paris…

(Dec 2014)

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Here’s a film i just finished for Grand Marnier, via JWT Toronto and Spy Films.

Features US beatbox champion RIZUMIK.

Shot in Austin, TX with local musicians, including Tommie Wong, Whiskey Shivers, Los Skarnales, DJ I Wanna Be HerEphraim Owens and Dr James Polk.

(Nov 2014)


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Super excited to announce I’ve moved to CAVIAR for global representation !!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.17.51 PM





(Oct 2014)


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Here’s 1 of 5 spots from the M6 Mobile campaign i directed via Ogilvy Paris.

Currently in L.A. shooting another spot for PNC with the lovely people @ Deutsch NY.

Good news coming October 1st.

(Sept 2014)

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Guilty of not posting in forever. For no good reason.

Here’s a teaser for a campaign i shot earlier this summer in Prague with Ogilvy Paris, for M6 Mobile-Orange.

If you don’t speak French, just know that the voice says something amazing.

The campaign features the almighty Thibaut Gonzalez, it was production designed by the no-less mighty Olly Williams, produced by powerhouse Sandrine Paquot via Stink Paris, shot by Shawn Kim, cut by Benjamin Favreul, post’d by Nightshift, and EP’d by Greg Panteix.

(August 2014)

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I’m off to Austin to shoot a spot featuring this amazing dude.

(April 2014)

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Here’s my new spot for Tassimo. Made with the lovely people at McGarryBowen UK via Stink London, and shot in Cape Town.

Starring Tom Greaves, shot by Tom Townend, cut by Dom Leung @ Trim, graded by Paul Harrison @ Finish, produced by Andrew Levene.

(March 2014)

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In February my video for Burning House played at BUG #41, I met Jesse Pinkman in Berlin, and I got a British Airways silver card.

(Feb 2014)

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Just back from Munich where I shot Thomas Müller from Bayern Munich as part 1 of a new spot for REWE via Heimat, Berlin.

I was minding my own business, trying to be professional, then suddenly this happened…

photo (4)

Going back to Cape Town in a week to shoot part 2.

(January 2014)

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Just back from a really fun shoot in Cape Town with Stink London and the lovely people at McGarry Bowen.

It was for Tassimo, and somehow this below happened on set.


(Nov 2013)

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Here’s my new spot for REWE. Made with the Stink Berliners, via Heimat Berlin.

Shot by Shawn Kim, art directed by Simon Boucherie, graded by Phillip Orgassa @ Arri Berlin, cut by Alex Jurkat, and starring Livia Matthes.

Really fun shoot, up in Riga – Latvia. 3 things you probably don’t know about Latvia:

1) The current BMX olympic champion is Latvian….. 2) Within 5mn of landing in Latvia, you’re likely to hear an anti-Russian comment….. 3) Latvians are strangely awesome at beach volley

(October 2013)

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Here’s my video for my brother’s awesome new electro-funk outfit BURNING HOUSE

Burning House = Hervé Salters [General Elektriks] + Chief Xcel [Blackalicious]

Video was co-created with the extraordinary Joseph Pierce. Danced by the unstoppable Olivier Casamayou @ I Could Never be a Dancer. And made in Paris & London.

Like it, Share it, Hug it, Meditate on it, Enjoy it

(Sept 2013)


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WOW i suck at updates apparently. Been a while.

Just finished a video for my brother’s new project BURNING HOUSE. Very excited about it.
Waiting on the label to release it in September before the album drops. I collaborated with brilliant London-based animator Joseph Pierce. And Olivier from I could Never Be a Dancer delivered an awesome choreography. Can’t wait to share.

Some screengrabs from the video….

smile dance DJ

Also just shot a fun spot with Stink Berlin via Heimat, about a girl who loves food.

This little dude has a cameo in it…


(August 2013)


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Here’s my director’s cut for PS VITA !!!

Shot by Tom Townend, graded by Paul Harrisson, cut by Dom Leung, produced by Anna Smith and directed by moi.

Loved making this one !

(March 2013)


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Just back from Los Angeles, for part 1 of a Skunk themed spring. Fun job via Deutsch NY.

Now off to Prague for part 2, shooting a big number for Hanes via the Martin Agency.

Happy to be working with I Could Never Be A Dancer on this one.



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Am in Uruguay prepping a shoot for Cadbury’s via Dro5a.

In 3 days i’ve already gotten bitten more times, and eaten more meat than in all of 2012.

(Jan 2013)


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Just back from shooting a new Sony Playstation campaign in Prague.

We had a weird machine gun rig, we had a monkey visit set, we shot 16 hours of footage in 3 days, and our awesome stunt coordinator Ladia chopped off a quarter of his middle finger while testing a rig. (yes, chopped off).

Other than that it was pretty uneventful.

This is me testing the weird machine gun rig, with Ladia bandaged up in the background.


And here’s a behind the scenes of my latest eBay spot

(Oct 2012)

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