January was snowy in Prague. February was snowier in Toronto.

Flew out there for a shoot with Partners. Sadly the job was cancelled after the shoot, but I did get to experience -25°C weather and the accompanying sensation of frozen cracking eyebrows so it wasn’t all for nothing.

Currently in London with Wigwam, planning a planetary takeover.

(Feb/March 2016)

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Back from a third round with Mono and Target in Minneapolis, and off to Prague after the break for an outing with Havas, NY for Green Mountain Coffee. If my math is right this will be my 15th shoot there !!!!!!

In other news, my brother shows us the funky side of the force in this reinterpretation of the Imperial March to celebrate the release of Star Wars VII.

(Dec 2015)

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Here’s the new video I made for GENERAL ELEKTRIKS (aka le bro) new single « Whisper to me ».

New album drops in January 2016.

Shot in Berlin, in and around Tempelhof, and starring Adam Venhaus Markiewicz.

Produced by Jannis Birsner, EP’d by Nils Schwemer @ Iconoclast Berlin, Shot by Mathias Schöningh, Art Direction and Styling by Zana Bosnjak, AD’d by Saskia Poppke, Cut by Dominic Leung @ Trim, Grade by Paul Harrison, Post by Finish. Label – P.O. Toublanc @ Wagram.

(Oct 2015)


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Busy start to the school year.

D’abord I went on a Minnesota retreat, reuniting with the Mono and Target team to shoot their Thanksgiving campaign in Minneapolis. I had to go on a pilgrimage to Paisley Park while I was there, but did NOT see Prince, who was apparently hiding on a catwalk during his CD release party.

Then flew to Berlin, and had a blast shooting the video for General Elektriks first single off the new album. Coming out mid October.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.21.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.27.30 AM

Then Lisbon for the follow-up to last year’s Grand Marnier campaign, with the lovely peeps @ JWT Toronto. The campaign features 5 time DMC champ DJ Craze, and a bunch of super talented dancers, choreographed by I Could Never be a Dancer.

(Sept 2015)

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Target kept me busy in June. I flew out to LA to shoot their new fall campaign via Caviar LA and the awesome people @ Mono – who come from the land of Paisley Park and Morris Day.

And July included my first collab with Butter, via the lovely hipsters @ Boys&Girls in Dublin. First shoot in Slovenia for me, where Dan Bronks took this deceivingly heroic shot of me at magic hour looking at something totally amazing on the left.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.57.20 PM

(July 2015)

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Happy to say i’ve got new reps for the Canadian market and the Irish market.

Gigi and Aerin @ Partners now rep me in Canada.

And Michael Duffy @ Butter reps me in Dublin.

(May 2015)

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February and March included filming some coffee exploding @ 2000 fps in Los Angeles, and filming Kenzo hanging out in a set painted all white in Prague.

(March 2015)

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In prague for some Caviar Paris action.

Here’s a behind the scenes snippet from the Grand Marnier shoot, featuring the almighty Tommie Wong.

(Jan 2015)

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New spot for M6 Mobile. Made with Ogilvy Paris…

(Dec 2014)

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Here’s a film i just finished for Grand Marnier, via JWT Toronto and Spy Films.

Features US beatbox champion RIZUMIK.

Shot in Austin, TX with local musicians, including Tommie Wong, Whiskey Shivers, Los Skarnales, DJ I Wanna Be HerEphraim Owens and Dr James Polk.

(Nov 2014)


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Super excited to announce I’ve moved to CAVIAR for global representation !!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.17.51 PM





(Oct 2014)


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Here’s 1 of 5 spots from the M6 Mobile campaign i directed via Ogilvy Paris.

Currently in L.A. shooting another spot for PNC with the lovely people @ Deutsch NY.

Good news coming October 1st.

(Sept 2014)

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Guilty of not posting in forever. For no good reason.

Here’s a teaser for a campaign i shot earlier this summer in Prague with Ogilvy Paris, for M6 Mobile-Orange.

If you don’t speak French, just know that the voice says something amazing.

The campaign features the almighty Thibaut Gonzalez, it was production designed by the no-less mighty Olly Williams, produced by powerhouse Sandrine Paquot via Stink Paris, shot by Shawn Kim, cut by Benjamin Favreul, post’d by Nightshift, and EP’d by Greg Panteix.

(August 2014)

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I’m off to Austin to shoot a spot featuring this amazing dude.

(April 2014)

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Here’s my new spot for Tassimo. Made with the lovely people at McGarryBowen UK via Stink London, and shot in Cape Town.

Starring Tom Greaves, shot by Tom Townend, cut by Dom Leung @ Trim, graded by Paul Harrison @ Finish, produced by Andrew Levene.

(March 2014)

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In February my video for Burning House played at BUG #41, I met Jesse Pinkman in Berlin, and I got a British Airways silver card.

(Feb 2014)

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Just back from Munich where I shot Thomas Müller from Bayern Munich as part 1 of a new spot for REWE via Heimat, Berlin.

I was minding my own business, trying to be professional, then suddenly this happened…

photo (4)

Going back to Cape Town in a week to shoot part 2.

(January 2014)

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Just back from a really fun shoot in Cape Town with Stink London and the lovely people at McGarry Bowen.

It was for Tassimo, and somehow this below happened on set.


(Nov 2013)

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